26 September 2009

I guess this thing is on.

My name is Willie.  I'm going to spend the next long while writing a post every day about a feature of the Madison eating scene.

I use the word "eating" rather than "dining" or "food" because "dining" is too narrow while "food" is too broad.  The Farmer's Market is within the scope of this blog, even though when I pick up a spinach empanada and munch it on my way around the square (as I did today), I'd hardly say I'm dining.  And food gets into the periphery of eating, into the politics and gossip and business that permeate a small town of big stomachs.  Those topics are interesting, to be sure, but they're not really what this blog is about.

I hope this works.  A writer, especially in the big wide blogosphere, cannot have low enough expectations. Perhaps, though, someone will read this stuff.

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